What you must know about PET blow molding machines

 PET bottles have long penetrated into every part of people's lives - whether it is food, beverages, or cosmetics, or even the medicines we use, you can see it in them. But how are these PET bottles with different shapes and functions produced? The answer lies in the fully automatic production of PET blow molding machines. This article gives a detailed description of the production principle, application scenarios and production advantages of the PET bottle blowing machine, so as to help you get a preliminary understanding of the PET bottle blowing machine and gain some inspiration.

What is a PET blow molding machine?

The definition of a PET blow molding machine is a production machine used to make bottles of different shapes and sizes. How it works is not complicated: relying on the applied air pressure, the blower blows air into the heated preform and sets it with a specific mold that wraps it.

In detail, the overall production process of the blow molding machine is as follows:

The first step is to warm up. The embryo body part of the PET bottle preform is heated to a suitable molding temperature, and the inner and outer walls of the embryo body are kept uniformly heated. Because the mouth of the bottle is shaped, no heating is required. Therefore, the bottle finish needs to be cooled during the heating of the embryo body.

The second step is blow molding. The uniformly heated preform is sent to the blowing mold through a chain, and is blown into the preform through the middle of the mandrel with sterile high-pressure air for circumferential stretching, so that it is inflated to close to the mold wall, and then cooled.

The third step is demoulding. After blowing the bottle, the machine starts to vent and demould.

The fourth step is to send. The formed PET bottles are sent to the lowering station by the conveyor belt, and are pulled up and blown out by the lowering cylinder. If it is in Tech-Long's blowing, sticking, filling and rotating machine, it will be sent to the next machine to continue packaging.

Where will the PET blow molding machine be used?

Looking around at the products that use PET bottles, you can see a clue: PET bottles can not only hold liquids, but also semi-solids. The usage scenarios of plastic blow molding machines are in factories that produce these products, including:

Pharmaceutical industry

Food Industry

Beverage industry

Cosmetics industry

Of course, packaging companies that supply PET plastic bottles to the above industries can also use PET blow molding machines suitable for mass production.If you need to scale up your production to gain a foothold in the fast-growing beverage industry, don't miss out on our fully automatic blow molding machinesTepai sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!



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