How Does a Musical Fountain work?

  A musical fountain is a modern amusement facility that combines beauty and music. The original simple fountain has developed into the current musical fountain. So how does a musical fountain come about? What is the working principle of a musical fountain water feature? Now Dalisi give you the answer.


Music Fountain

1. Music control system


A musical fountain is through a variety of fountain shapes, combined with colorful lighting, to reflect the connotation of music and the theme of music. In a good musical fountain, water shape changes should be able to fully express the music. In a good musical fountain, the shape of the water should be able to fully express the music.


The computer identifies, decodes, and encodes the audio and MIDI signals. Then the signal is output to the control system so that the fountain shape and lighting change with the music to keep in sync. To achieve the fountain water type, lighting and color changes and the combination of music mood. Make the fountain show more vivid and more connotative and reflect the art of water.


2. Audio signal into an electrical frequency signal


The musical fountain can change according to the height of the music. 2. Musical fountains can change according to the height of the music. Play systems can achieve music, water, lighting atmosphere unity, and play synchronised.


Simply put, the principle of the musical fountain is actually the audio signal into an electrical frequency signal, the electrical frequency signal through the frequency converter control pump so that the pump pressure with the rhythm of the music changes.

Music Fountain


3. Water pump control water column changes


Musical fountains according to the music played control the water column, to achieve the effect of synchronization with the music. The water column is controlled by the pump, and the pump is composed of a three-phase asynchronous motor. The speed of a three-phase asynchronous motor does not change if it is fed into the mains. A frequency converter is a device specifically designed to regulate the speed of a motor.


The speed of the motor is controlled by the frequency converter, which causes the water column to change. Changing the frequency changes the speed of the motor and therefore the pressure of the pump. The different frequencies of the music are processed by the microcontroller and sent to the control side of the inverter motor so that the motor speed changes in accordance with the pitch, rhythm, and intensity of the music. The pressure of the water pump then changes, and the water sprayed has a change in level. And is the formation of several sets of equipment for the implementation of multiple sets of nozzles to control the fountain pump.


4. Music into a control signal


The rhythm and intensity of the music are transformed into a control signal, this signal then controls a voltage control device, the power supply after this voltage control device, the output voltage also changes with the music, and then controls the pump motor.


In the end, the music fountain is in the program control fountain based on the addition of a music control system, the computer through the audio and MIDI signal recognition, decoding, and coding, and then the signal output to the control system, to achieve the fountain water type and music combined with the picture.


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