What is Tri-Lateral Head Unit

Streamlined and efficient, three-way in one

Longhe Tri lateral head unit is suitable for the forklift front and the left and right sides (low shelf) of the forklift and stacking of pallet goods. It is flexible, safe and efficient. It is a special attachment for fork picking or stacking pallet goods on low shelves.

Tri lateral head unit is mounted on the forklift frame, and the fork frame at its front end is equipped with the original forklift fork. Driven by two sets of additional hydraulic oil circuits of the forklift, the fork frame with forks at the front end has 180° horizontal rotation functions, and left and right side shifts. It can directly fork and pick up pallet goods on the side of the forklift body (on the ground or the low shelf) while ensuring that the forklift does not turn. Realize that the forklift has the ability to carry, fork and stack (on low-level shelves) pallet goods under working conditions with small spacing and narrow passages.

Tri-Lateral Head Unit

Due to the forklift lateral stability limitation, the lifting height cannot be as high as the storage truck, nor can it replace the storage model forklift. Tri lateral head unit uses its own fork frame (with forks) to rotate 180° in the horizontal direction and move to the left and right sides of the forklift, which can effectively reduce the width of the forklift's aisle and reduce the shelf spacing, improve warehouse utilization.

Tri-Lateral Head Unit


1. The overall structure is reasonable, the field of vision is wide, dexterous and easy to operate.

2. The hydraulic components are designed reasonably so that the hydraulic system is well protected and has a long life.

3. The tubing adopts internationally renowned brands, with strong flexibility, high pressure and high-temperature resistance, anti-aging, explosion-proof cracking, and long service life.

4. The valve core is selected from internationally well-known brands, with good sealing and pressure holding performance, and stable performance.

5. Only 2 sets of additional oil circuits are needed to realize the functions of 180° horizontal rotation and lateral movement.

6. It adopts linear guide rail to guide, which has the advantages of low resistance, stable side movement and maintenance-free.

7. It is easy to install and can be assembled with any forklift, making ordinary forklifts instantly transformed into three-way stacking forklifts.

8. Especially made widening hook is adopted, which is more stable when moving sideways.

9. The work efficiency is high. When the forklift is not turning, it can directly fork the goods in the left, front and right directions, reducing the burden on the driver.

10. The forklift does not need to be turned, and the width of the aisle is small, which improves the utilization rate of storage space and reduces the cost.

Tri-Lateral Head Unit

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