Brand strategies: let's make people remember my brand

Have you had any issues remembering somebody's name? I am quite sure we struggle with that almost every day, and no only names but any word can slide off of our brains.

Now, imagine people trying to remember your brand name, which comes from the very first words of your baby + your grandmother's name and makes no sense to anyone but you.

And though we try to find an easy name for our brands, it still can be hard to stick to it.



So, here are a few suggestions on how to fix that:

1. Take good care of your packaging, adding a few extra business cards for your customer and perhaps two friends is always a good idea, this way he or she can recommend your products easily.

2. Make sure your brand is easy to find on social media and google, the name should be written the same way on all platforms.

3. Add your logo or brand name to your products, whether is a keychain or a t-shirt, there's always a way to add it. I am sure I'm not the only one that has asked a friend to see the label on the back of a shirt to tell exactly where I got that from.

4. And finally, make the brand an experience, if your name is indeed related to your grandma, make sure everyone knows that because that personal touch can be the trigger that will make us relate to your brand on another, more caring level. 


Jiamei Labels always realizes the image and identification brands needed. 

Our labels are authorized by brands and we don’t sell the products showed on our website to others. We look forward to cooperating with you.


Brand strategies: let's make people remember my brand



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